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Brickforce wire mesh welding machine
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The machine can make the brickforce for construction. The finished brickforce is in rolls and the machine can output three brickforce rolls at the same time. It is easy to operate and maintain. The brickforce is used in the brickwork reinforcement. It can be black brickforce or galvanized brickforce.
The application of the brickforce:
Brick Force masonry reinforcement is specified into projects by consulting engineers for it's cost and time saving properties.

Brick Force consists of two parallel wires joined by cross wires. The flattened profile of the main wires allows for efficient lapping and ensures sufficient mortar cover to develop bond.

Brick Force is available in both galvanised and stainless steel material.
5. Brickforce wire mesh welding machines
Technical data:

Operators needed: 2 persons
.The components of the brick reinforcement machine:
Main welding part                           1unit
Mesh coiling part                            1unit

Auxiliaries needed:                  
Wire straightening and cut machines            2 sets
Line wire straightening rollers                  1set
Line wire payoffs                             6sets
Electric cutting tool                           1piece

The mesh product specifications made by the machine

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