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Main Features:

1、The welding current adopts micro-computer control. The welding time and current of each welding transformer can be adjusted separately
2、The operation interface is color touch panel and control buttons. It is easy and simple to operate.
3、The main body is box-style frame structure with stable function.
4、The welding pressure can be adjusted continuously which make the firm and beautiful welding spot.
5、The driving power of the machine is integrated speed reduction electromagnetic brake motor, controlled by frequency converter with adjustable speed.
6、The upper and lower electrode device is designed in modularization, which make the line wire spacing size adjustment faster, more simiple and convenient.
7、The cross wire feeding way:  the revolving disc driven by step motor dropping the cross wires into welding. The cross wire feeding magazine is equipped with cross wire feeding supplement device -electric roller. Therefore, the cross wire feeding magazine can accommodate more cross wires compared with the common magazine. It can accommodate about 1.5ton cross wires.
8、The cross wire feeding magazine device is installed separately on one mobile frame, which make the eletrode spacing adjustment and machine maintenance more simple and convenient.
9、Mesh pulling adopts pneumatic clamps controlled by servo motor. You can set diverse cross wire spacings in the same mesh panel. And the cross wire spacing size is accurate.
10、line wire feeding adopts mobile trolley controlled by step motor. It can make the line wires ready for welding the next mesh sheet when welding the current mesh sheet, which can save the operation time.
11、The machine is equipped with mesh sheet supporting roller frame and the mobile line wire placing tabe.
The advantage compared with other pneumatic reinforcing steel bar welding machine:
It doesn’t need the air compressor and cool dryer, which cut down the cost and save the layout space. When the environmental temperature is below zero degree, the pneumatic type machine may can’t work normally because the water is frozen in the pneumatic components. While, this machine is not impacted by the environment.
The application of the mesh product:
The reinforcing welded mesh for High-rise building, bridge, road, highway.

Technical data:



1、Both the welding time and separate-phase welding is controlled by industrial computer. The software is based on Windows operation system. The human interface makes the operation more intelligentized and human.
2、mesh pulling system is controlled by servo motor, which can realize diverse cross wire spacing sizes in the same mesh panel.
3、The electrode welding pressure is provided by the air cylinders. Just operate the adjustable pressure button for the air cylinder to change the welding pressure of each electrode.
4、The machine has automatic mesh stacking system. After one mesh sheet is welded, the machine can stack the welded mesh sheets automatically.
It can make the reinforcing steel mesh for highway, railway, bridge, tunnel, fencing, and the concrete mest for building.


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